Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sketch dump!

I just bought a pair of new sketchbooks today, so naturally it had me nostalgically flipping through the old ones I'd filled. I came across some sketches I felt like re-doing and some old projects that seemed worth sharing. Enjoy. :)

I came across this OLD sketch (left) from 2002 that cracked me up. Don't you just love old work that makes you go, "Oh gawd...did I think that looked good?" I tried my hand at redrawing the nameless bloke because it seemed a disservice to leave him in a state of de-evolution.

There was an old unlaunched MMO by the name of Gods & Heroes that I did art for. The fan site for it was looking for new and interesting player art to showcase and thus far the bulk of the work was stuff done on lined binder paper. I'm not going ot knock any of the art, but c'mon- lined binder paper? I researched the player archetypes and decided to showcase a line up of all the playable types involved. The gladiator is still my favorite. He has such a Homer Simpson vibe to me.

The completed piece is below (and in hindsight seems to be lacking a snazzy 'Gods & Heroes title, no?)

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Mokuu said...

Man, they never manager to get the game out:S