Friday, September 21, 2007

Sequentials and shenanigans

Ever since I've been working & playing in VOID and brushing up on that ever so lovely art that is sequentials, talk and brainstorming concerning Undeadninjas has been going on. With writers old and new at my side and my slowly leveling skills, here's hoping our brainstorming soon becomes reality. But hey, while you're waiting, feel free to check out the site as is- its still up. You'll be able to see all our old junk which was originally drawn by Valerie Losea and later picked up by myself. :)
But enough talk- lets see some comics!

Oh and if you want to check out the ghetto FABULOUS process in which I work, feel free to check out my Flickr account- brought you by boredom and the letter T. =D

The essentials
Originally uploaded by kozispoon

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Mokuu said...

Kozey on fire? Its gonna be void time for you soon! Oh and added you in my links, wont be forgetting about this place :D